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Question by  worker4192 (12)

Is a blind trust a good idea if you win the lottery?

I would like to protect my winnings from my family and so called friends.


Answer by  patti (29325)

If you have won the lottery, the first thing you must do is hire a financial consultant who can guide you in all related matters, including the best way to invest, grow and protect the money. Unless you are incompetent, your family has no way to access the funds. Professional advice will put your mind at ease.


Answer by  Tiara (351)

A blind trust is a great idea because it allows you to have privacy and protection. What better feeling is there to know your winnings are only in your control.


Answer by  thilaga (66)

Winning a lottery depends according to our luck but the money got by winning lottery should be used for the poor people who is suffering from poverty who is not able to satisfy their basic needs

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