Question by  TheTide (72)

Is a 40 gallon tank a good starter aquarium?

I don't want to get in over my head.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Yes, a 20 to 40 gallon are good starter tanks. They easy to manage and maintain. Many pet stores offer a good starter set that includes all accessories you need.


Answer by  Orobas (24)

First do some research on your fish: What kinds do you want, what is the compatibility to other fish, will they all fit in your tank(general rule is 1" of fish per gallon), and the ease of care of the fish. Once you know about your fish that will tell you if 40 gallons is a good size.


Answer by  Meowzer (392)

A 40 gallon aquarium would be a nice size. It will allow you to have several different types of fish without over crowding the way starting out with a smaller tank may. Larger tanks generally do tend to be easier to care for than smaller.


Answer by  scooby851 (158)

The best rule of thumb is get the biggest aquarium you can afford and have room for. Once you get started you always want more fish.


Answer by  oceanpearl (164)

Due to the increased water volumer, a larger size tank such as 40 gallons is actually easier to manage than a smaller tank.


Answer by  Bryguy85 (9)

The size isn't as important as much as the time you take to set it up. Go slow and only add a few fish at a time.

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