Question by  Evgeni556 (63)

In numerology, what is the significance of the number 4?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

In numerology the #4 is the most practical of all numbers. Main characteristics: detail oriented, practical, organized, dependable, trustworthy, hard worker, reliable and punctual. Good career choices: scientist, banker, accountant. Character weaknessess: rigid, judgemental, stubborn, too serious, lack flexibility and adaptability.


Answer by  questionkid (146)

The number 4 in numerology signifies adherence to traditional values, a sense of practicality, organizational talent, logical thinking, cumulative success, and a steady direction. The downside is unyielding clinging to outmoded beliefs, a dull plodding nature, bogged down in detail, lack of insight, negative materialistic outlook, and quarrelsome nature.


Answer by  Jennine (6)

In numerology, the number 4 represents everything related to practicality, stability, and order. It also includes related personality traits like the management skills needed to organize people.


Answer by  Kbrece (107)

Of the numbers one through nine, four is the most practical. This number is the first composite number and characteristics such as the ability to be trusted, successful, and even famous.

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