Question by  tara81 (6)

If you are a horse expert, can you help me with weaning?

What is the right age?


Answer by  jillou (114)

The foal will tell you when it's ready by eating food plus milk. (Often around 4 months, so weaning can happen after this.) Leave the foal in surroundings he knows to avoid extra stress. Ideally you have taught your foal to accept a head-collar, as this makes handling easier. A calm horse or another foal for company helps.


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

A healthy foal who has demonstrated some independence from the dam may be weaned at 4-5 mos of age. With ill or extremely dependent foals, weaning should be delayed.


Answer by  MrsHarrell (11)

Six months is the healthiest age for weaning. If you make it a slow process, introducing the foal to new horses or a potential babysitter, it will be less stressful for both the mare and the foal. A slower weaning process also allows the mare to dry up (stop producing milk) easier.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

Most babies are weaned at between six and eight months of age. There are two ways to wean a foal. The first is to just take the baby away and separate the mother for good. The next is to do a gradual weaning where the separation is done in stages.

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