Question by  mintacular (11)

If I have 2 computers hooked up to the same router, will they have different IP addresses?


Answer by  Ognjen (21)

No, they will not. If you are connecting those 2 computers to the internet via a router, and then through some modem or wireless access point or some similar device, they WILL have the same public IP (IP shown to the world), but they will have different local IP adresses.


Answer by  ThorDoomhammer (12)

Yes, if you allow them to automatically allocate they will do. You can set up the IPs manually and have them both set the same, but this will cause errors.


Answer by  luckie (16)

two computers can NOT have the same IP address if they are hooked up to the same router. Just like two cars can't have the same vin number or two houses cannot have the same address.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

For the two computer to access the internet the will both have their own ip addresses. If they didn't then they would have difficulty communicating on the network because the data would see two machine with the same ip.

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