Question by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

I blew the transformer to my central air unit, what should I do?


Answer by  bogeyman (119)

Do Not replace the transformer until you fix whatever caused it to blow. Check your low voltage (thermostat) wiring. Pests can eat insulation from the wires that run to the condensor or the thermostat. A service tech will find and repair the electrical problem, then replace the transformer.


Answer by  C4rys3 (56)

You will need to order another transformer to replace the blown one. Make sure the part numbers match up. Turn off the power Test the circuit on a known live circuit then the dead circuit. Change the transformer turn power back on and away you go. Otherwise call an experienced HVAC technician to fix it.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

First found out if it is covered under warranty. If not, find the part number on it and see how much it cost to replace. If to expensive, you may just want to get a new AC unit. Either way, it is not going to be cheap replacement. You may want to consult with a local heating and cooling expert.


Answer by  geethapriya (239)

First check the rating of the transformer and check the power consumption of the central air unit. Then take the suitable transformer for your central air unit. Then make a perfect protection of input and output side of the transformer. Then make a connection from the transformer to your central air unit.

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