Question by  denise52 (38)

How wide are streets?

What are the regulations that determine the width of streets.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

In the United Streets, the width of streets was and is determined by use. Streets were more narrow when vehicles were smaller and traffic was much less. Today, U.S. Code requires that major streets are 64 ft; secondary streets are 40 ft. and minor streets are 34 ft., all measured from the face of the curbs.


Answer by  brooke51 (12)

The type and location of the street is what determines the legal width of streets. For example, interstate highways must have 12 feet lanes with at least 4 feet shoulder. This means a 2 lane highway would be 32 feet wide. However, roads in a neighborhood may be closer to 18-20 feet wide.


Answer by  billyanddaw (15)

This all depends on what kind of street that your driving on. In the US the standard width of a street is 12 feet. This measure is for a standard two lane highway.

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