Question by  anne (336)

How to counter a 4-3 offense in football?

i need to learn more defensive moves.


Answer by  jellis951 (9)

There is no such thing as a 4-3 offense in American football. 4-3 refers to a defensive set where you have four downed linemen and three linebackers. The 4-3 defense is best used where the offense is in a position where they would most likely run the football.


Answer by  cmayfieldisawesome (40)

I'll assume you mean a 4-3 defense. There are many variations of 4-3 defenses, but they often use zone schemes as opposed to man-coverage, so use pass plays to find holes in their coverage. A 4-3 can also susceptible to strong power-running game since this defense emphasizes speed over size.


Answer by  Vertiglug (240)

YOu can run a dime or a nickle offense, i always recommend running zone defenses against passing plays and running man on man defensive plays while its a running play.

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