Question by  Ellie (9)

How should I use granular chlorine in my pool?


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, you have to ensure that it won't leak out too much chlorine. Chlorine is required to clean out the pool from algae and other bacteria. But if you use it make sure you measure the content levels every once in a while to see if they are in line.


Answer by  FormerPoolGuy (86)

You need to dissolve it in a bucket of water first. Once dissolved empty the bucket in front of one of the returns. If you put the granules directly in the pool they will settle and bleach the liner. Adding granules to the skimmer basket will cause them to collect in the filter and can cause chemical damage.


Answer by  Andrea (39)

Use granular chlorine once a week. Stand at the deepest part of your pool, turn your pool on, and then try to distribute the chlorine evenly.


Answer by  cherry (102)

Stand in the deep part of the pool and start sprinkling thinly a cup of granular chlorine. The pool should only have a thin layer of powdery substance.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

inside filters but most common is the floating device Granular comes in diffrent application rates and ways to distribute it a fast disolvable scoop and toss type is best for ease of use for constant every day no hustle use get a floater with slow release 30-60 day pellets.

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