Question by  ashley31 (263)

How should I go about oiling my bicycle chain?


Answer by  worker12 (293)

Throw a piece of cardboard down turn bike upside down ,drip some chain lube on each roller ,rotate sprocket,forward one complete and one reverse, wipe chain free from excess.


Answer by  badimojo (45)

First, turn your bike upside down. Turn the crank with one hand while applying lube with the other. Use a rag to evenly distribute lube and collect excess.


Answer by  jcm (117)

While raising the rear tire off the ground, use your hand to begin turning the pedal so that the chain turns. Then apply oil to the chain.


Answer by  swimsis (152)

Hold the back wheel up off the ground, or have someone else help. Drip oil onto an exposed section of chain while turning the pedals by hand.

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