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Question by  Susan (179)

How should i go about downloading songs from CDs to my nano?


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

If you have a PC, you can "rip" your CD to your computer using Windows Media Player. The folder (usually named as the artist name) will be stored in your "music" folder in MY DOCUMENTS. Open iTunes and go to ADD FOLDER to your library (it's under FILE, i think). Upload the folder and sync your iPod. Easy!


Answer by  Echo (229)

First, download itunes. Once you've done that, place the CD into your hard drive and import the music into your Itunes library. Once all your music has been imported you can plug your Ipod into you computer using the USB port that came with your Ipod and then go to the file menu and hit sync.


Answer by  x (96)

Start by loading the CD into your computer's drive. Then open iTunes. The name of the CD should appear in the left column. Click on it and then click the Import CD button to copy the songs to your computer. Once the songs are uploaded, you can add them to a playlist and load it onto your iPod Nano.


Answer by  abbylee (31)

Download iTunes. Import songs into iTunes. Connect iPod to computer. Open iTunes. Sync.


Answer by  Dorothy (38)

You would have to save the songs from your cds onto your computer. The only way to download to your nano is from your computer using your USB cable.


Answer by  Mike19 (92)

The best way to download music CDs to your Nano is by downloading and opening iTunes provided by Apple which will import music onto your Nano.

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