Question by  Shelly (24)

How should I come out to my friends?


Answer by  brianadragon (78)

Be honest. Sit them down and start talking about the subject to see how they feel. If the response is favorable, take it to the next step and tell them about yourself. If it isn't, maybe talk about why they feel that way, before moving on to talking about yourself. Don't rush it, it can take some time.


Answer by  Pineapple7 (260)

If you feel ready to come out to your friends, invite them out to dinner, or to a favorite meeting place. Over dinner or drinks, gently bring up the subject, and ask them for their love and support as you share your truth. If they are your true friends, they will be understanding and happy for you!


Answer by  Sam65 (198)

Honesty is the best policy and do it in person (or over the phone if they are a distance away. Most likely, they already have some idea of what you will say.


Answer by  chacher (13)

Check out Dan Savage's archives (Savage Love advice column or Savage Love podcast) for some sometime radical, but always spot-on advice.


Answer by  bizco17 (62)

I would say that it depends on which friends you are coming out to. You will need to tell them in person of course (don't just post it on Facebook). Your closer friends will understand so don't be scared.

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