Question by  SaBu (15)

How should I act when he stops the "friends with benefits"?


Answer by  alz (2329)

Well that depends on how you feel about him. Hopefully you didn't develop deep feelings and you can go back to just being actual friends. However, sometimes this is hard and the best thing might be to not hang out with him for a while until you stop liking him.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

This depends on the relationship you have outside of the bedroom. Are you really friends? If you are, then you know good friends are hard to find. Try to be supportive of what he is doing, just like you would hope he would be if tables were turned.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

If it bothers you enough, you should talk to him about it, and see if what the problem is. If there is a good reason, it shouldn't be a problem. That relationship should be one where you can opt out at anytimes, and, you should still be friends just now, without the benefits.

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