Question by  Girl (26)

How rare are blue rat terrier's?


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

Blue rat terriers are rarer than most of the other pigmentation seen in rat terriers. Rat terriers have a complex system of dominate and recessive genes that give the color to the animal. The Blue Terrier must follow a particular gene set. For the Blue Terrier the gene pattern is Aat BB dd. The double recessive black gene is rare.


Answer by  JAM87 (111)

The blue rat terrier is semi rare. The UKC does not accept blue as a color for a rat terrier, although they are sought after.


Answer by  AndreaBenissimo (10)

Blue rat terrier is not a rare case.... they are easily to find but since sometimes are not pattern accepted for UKC registered breeders try to avoid it..


Answer by  msjanetjones (158)

Blue rat terrier's are considered to be semi-rare and should contain absolutely no black markings on their body. It should be noted that the UKC does not recognize blue terriers for competition.

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