Question by  queenpunkbunny (20)

How much exercise does it take to burn 1,000 calories?

I need help losing weight, but I'm not sure how much to exercise.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

1,000 calories is a lot of calories to try and burn on a daily basis. You would need to run for about 2 hours at 6 miles an hour.


Answer by  John (9008)

It depends on many factors, including your individual body type, your metabolism, your age, and the intensity of the exercise that you are doing. 1,000 calories is a lot, though.


Answer by  Vicki87 (436)

I'm not sure. There are websites that can help you figure out that sort of thing. Try cutting back on portion sizes to lose weight


Answer by  CDT (117)

Don't worry about how much exercise it takes to burn 1000 cals. Focus more on your diet. Small changes in your diet can add up to big weight loss.

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