Question by  dherrera (21)

How much does it cost to rent a saxophone for a 4th grader?

My son is starting music class and want to play the sax.


Answer by  Allie1897 (18)

The age of your child doesnt matter, but the condition of the horn does. My rent to own fee is 55 dollars a month because i have a good condition used horn.


Answer by  kfelicetti (235)

This depends what kind of saxophone your son wants to play. An alto saxophone can range from $20-$45/a month. A soprano saxophone can range from $30-$50/a month. A tenor saxophone can range from $35-$55/a month. A baritone saxophone is the most expensive, usually around $80-$90/a month.


Answer by  worker1869 (13)

It costs approximately $30-35 per month according to many websites i researched. It does not usually matter how old the person is. But prices change with the type of saxophone.


Answer by  KMcRae (714)

There is no one right answer to this question. It depends on the quality of saxophone you are seeking to rent and the type. Student quality alto saxophones can be rented for as little as 30 dollars a month. This price can go higher depending on the quality of instrument. Tenor or larger horns will cost about 40 a month.


Answer by  worker1744 (141)

If you rent a student sax from a traditional retail music store expect to pay between 35 and 50 dollars a month. Try and rent the sax through the school.

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