Question by  cary (111)

How much does a racehorse cost?


Answer by  martin (522)

The price of a racehorse depends on several factors, including its potential based on parents' reputation, its age, and its history of winning races. A young horse that has not raced, with undistinguished parents, could cost as little as $2000. An horse that has won many races can cost millions.


Answer by  bluemeanies (43)

A thouroughbreed for the Triple Crown can cost millions of dollars, but horses for the local racecourses can be bought for much less. Horses bought at claiming races (ie races where all the horses are for sale) can cost as little as 3,000 dollars.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

It varies. There are horses that have won the Kentucky Derby who were bought for $50,000 dollars, and other horses who were bought for millions and never won a single race. Many times, to make it affordable, several people pool their money together and let their trainer pick the horse. With that, you can look at spending about 10,000 dollars.


Answer by  MrsShannonHarrell (768)

Racehorse's, like any horse, can be very expensive, ($250,000 and up at birth,) to only a few thousand dollars. Many times they can be purchased in a cliaming race, for $2000 and up.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

Just depends the blood line on a race horse to know the cost. If the horse has a blood line that goes back generations the horse can very costly like in the millions.


Answer by  xtremetree (306)

Depending on the age, and training of the horse,they can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. A good one can go as much as a million dollars.


Answer by  Tiera19 (97)

It is possible to purchase them for as little as $1000 but it doesn't stop there. You will also have vet,food,stable,and more costs after that.

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