Question by  Leonard (33)

How many songs will fit on a CD?

I want to burn songs on a CD for my boyfriend. I think I have way too many right now.


Answer by  em (201)

Most CD's will hold 72 minutes of music. Depending on how long each song is you should be able to fit anywhere between 12 and 15 songs.


Answer by  gin78 (23)

The typical cd's you get normally hold anywhere from 15 to 19. It really depends on the length of the songs. But if you don't have it totally filled it normally has better quality.


Answer by  Anonymous

it depends on what brand and the holding strength.... you can get dvds that hold about 4gb of space and about maybe 90 minuets. u can put music, pictures anything on them. kinda expesive but if u want to make larger cd's i recomend dvds.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

With this, size and quality are more important than quantity of songs used. High quality songs ranging from 3-4 minutes in length should allow you to get 12-14 songs on a CD. Although I have been able to get up to 17 on a CD in the past.


Answer by  salina (943)

It would really depend on how many songs you have. A typical CD that I have usually make contains about twenty to twenty five songs give or take. Take a look at the brand you by and what is the run time on it. Good luck.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have bought dvds and i use to burn songs on them and i can fit more than 30 songs and some pics on one.

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