Question by  JP (48)

How many songs fit into 4GB?


Answer by  JumpingJoeGastineau (60)

Depending on the import settings and the length of individual tracks, you will be able to fit approximately 900 songs into 4GB of hard disk space. This is based on importing tracks into iTunes as MP4 files. MP3 files will take a lot less space so well over 1000 songs will fit into 4GB.


Answer by  ecimir (89)

Depends on songs quality and length. Average song has about 4-8 MB if in mp3 format. So into space of 4 GB about 600 songs would fit.


Answer by  CaylasCreations (214)

A 4g media device will hold approximately 1,000 songs. This is based on the average song being about 4 minutes long.


Answer by  Anonymous

About 900- 1000 depending on the song lenght.


Answer by  Brian73 (90)

It depends on the length and quality of the songs. 4GB of space is enough to hold about 1200-1400 low quality songs of short length, whereas the same amount of space could hold 500-700 higher quality songs of a longer length. All in all, 4GB holds quite a bit of music.

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