Question by  Mark85 (24)

How many eggs should a red-ear turtle lay?


Answer by  Gabriella (25)

Red-ear turtles, also known as red-eared slider turtles, can lay many eggs at once. Depending on the size of the female, a red-eared slider turtle can lay as few as two or as many as twenty eggs. Generally, the larger the female, the larger the clutch size.


Answer by  PhillyFan (86)

A healthy RES may lay anywhere from 3 to 30 eggs, mostly depending on her size, age, diet, and overall health. Make sure you have a good nesting area otherwise the turtle may hold the eggs too long, possibly leading to illness or even death.


Answer by  baby75 (126)

Red ear turtle may lay from two to thirty eggs in each clutches depending upon the size of the turtle. Female red ear turtle can lay up to five clutches every year.


Answer by  Piyush (17)

They lay some around 3 or 4. And after a single mating, female turtles can continue to lay up to 70 fertile eggs per year for five years. "

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