Question by  worker3978 (8)

How many cups of coffee does the Braun Aroma Deluxe coffeemaker make?


Answer by  abrazo (175)

This type of coffee maker is wonderful if you are making coffee for friends or if you just really like to drink coffee. It makes ten cups of coffee and the coffee is aromatic and delicious. The reviews say that the coffee produced is very smooth and that the coffee makers last a long time.


Answer by  Liam67 (23)

The Braun Aroma Deluxe coffeemaker can brew up to ten delicious cups of great tasting coffee, you can't go wrong with Braun.


Answer by  Barista (14)

Braun Aroma Deluxe coffeemaker makes ten cups of coffee per pot. Reviews tend to suggest that it makes weak coffee so you may use more grounds than an average pot.


Answer by  Bob77 (53)

The Braun Aroma Deluxe is a filter drip coffee machine which can make anywhere from 1 to 10 cups of coffee depending on your requirements. By using ground coffee beans to make your coffee, the machine allows you to enjoy your favorite brand, blend and flavor of coffee whenever you feel like it.

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