Question by  saveriorocca (71)

How frequently must I deworm my horse?

I have quite a few horses, and need to know the "schedule" I should follow in deworming them.


Answer by  ARichard (138)

How ofter you deworm you horse depends on factors such as where you live, boarding conditions and the horse's health. However it is recommended you deworm every 6-8 weeks during Spring,Summer and Fall. During the winter months deworm once the ground has frozen and then again when grass starts to grow.


Answer by  Arabowner (16)

I usually deworm as the seasons change, at the summer and winter solstice and the spring and fall equinox, which makes it easy to remember, and is often enough.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

Horses should be dewormed every three months with a purge wormer like a paste or injection and all horses on the property should be done at the same time. You can also do a daily dewormer supplement like Strongid.


Answer by  Cheri99 (187)

Here's my worming schedule based on books written by John Lyons. January/February: Safe-Guard Paste. March/April: Zimectrin Paste. May/June: Strongid Paste. July/August: Safe-Guard Paste. September/October: Zimectrin Paste. November/December: Strongid Paste. This rotation offers a broad spectrum of protection since these products target different parasites, but yet still work well together.


Answer by  Carol91 (31)

Many veterinarians recommend you deworm your horses every two months. Deworming your horses frequently protects your horses against different species of worms that can infect your horses at different times.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

You should ideally de-worm all of your horses at the same time initially and then once every 3 months after that, otherwise, use a daily dewormer feed supplement.


Answer by  Prudence (9)

Most horses should be dewormed every 8 weeks. Foals should be dewormed once a month until they're weaned. After weaning, the foal should be dewormed every 6 weeks just like horses in their teens. If your horse meets new horses often, deworm every 6 weeks. If your horse stays at home with the same horses, deworm 4 times a year.

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