Question by  pengsign3 (21)

How far do you need to drain a pool that in order to winterize it?

This is a in ground tiled pool.


Answer by  RCishollywood (190)

a little bit lower than half way. Make sure its not to low or the pressure on the tiles will decress so the tiles might start to become undone and if you have marble dust it will give out. Make sure its not to high where if it froze it would over flow or even crack.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

You need to drain the pool so that the water level is at least 6 inches below your filter and skimmer intakes. This will prevent water from freezing in them.


Answer by  dnc (146)

Drain a pool half a foot to a foot, or just below the skimmer level, in order to winterize it.

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