Question by  Dana67 (12)

How does the canister purge valve work?


Answer by  jackson21 (17)

The Canister Purge Valve meters the flow and amount of stored fuel vapor that gets recycled back in to the combustion process from the charcoal canister and plays a role in the leak test by allowing a vacuum to be created in the evaporative systems when the Canister Shut Off has closed and is preventing air from entering the system.


Answer by  Zacholson (56)

When you leave gas in your tank, fumes are created. The canister purge valve is a valve that opens when you start your car to let fresh air into the fuel tank, forcing the hydrocarbon packed fumes into the air intake and combustion chamber for burning, which of course creates the energy that powers your vehical.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

It works by allowing fresh air to enter the fuel tank while the engine is running. The air is constantly passing through combustion stages and will work in this movement.

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