Question by  AEF (519)

How do you write a resume objective statement?


Answer by  AEF (519)

You want your resume to sell you. Your objectives should reflect what you want but also show that you're the kind of person that they should hire. Focus on objectives that companies will be proud to offer; desire to work in a team environment, work with top people, work for a company with strong ethics and the like.


Answer by  JFrega (11)

A resume objective statement is a quick blurb about what your intention is in the rest of the resume. You would write one in order to let a potential employer know exactly what kind of job you are seeking, and how your resume supports your cause.


Answer by  esquisitepetal (65)

A resume objective statement is traditionally one sentence.Start with what type employment you are seeking,list what you will bring to the company, end with how you will improve the company.

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