Question by  Anonymous

How do you use algebra with being a police officer?


Answer by  noguf (162)

Besides in theoretical modelling like weighing probabilities, I would say the logic skills learned in algebra could be indespensible for a police officer. Depending on what you specialize in, you may require it more for psychology which requires it for mathematical modelling and forensics which uses it (although mostly with computers) to determine logical solutions to problems.


Answer by  esthersarahthomas (54)

Police officers would use algebra to investigate a car crash ,by finding any scattered dirt or displaced vehicles,their locations, their weights,the width of the roads, and distances and angles .Physics can be used to calculate acceleration . This data is then entered into a computer that will do calculations ,create a model and animate the actual crash.


Answer by  jeremy46 (325)

Writing traffic tickets, not so much. A police officer may use algebra in detective work. Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes used algebra in calculating how fast the train was moving in the story "Silver Blaze," the formula he used was likely Time(to pass V poles) = Distance (occupied by V poles)/V(our -- unknown -- speed).


Answer by  Anonymous

Reconstructing traffic accidents, standard use for highway patrolmen or traffic cops, others not really. Also some use for crime scene techs for their use.

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