Question by  hellokitty (48)

How do you treat founder in a horse?


Answer by  buffystuff (29)

Treatment for founder should begin as early as possible. Treatments vary and are determined by the severity of the condition. They can include encouraging the horse to lie down to relieve pressure, dietary restrictions, mineral oil or other fluids, drugs, painkillers, and a magnetic hoof pad. Corrective shoeing can help.


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

Founder involves rotation of the coffin bone within the hoof. It is treated with corrective trimming and supportive shoeing of the hoof. The horse's weight must also be carefully managed.


Answer by  dawn24 (18)

Founder is an infection or inflamation or the area horse hoof.You need to call the vet quickly. Stop all grain and hay from your horse it is often from overeating.


Answer by  Prajeesh (369)

Founder also known as laminitis. It is a pain full condition on hourse hoof, caused by metabolic imbalance. Better call a vetinary doctor. Let your horse to lie to relieve pressure on his hoof.


Answer by  Lore (174)

Treatment depends upon the severity and cause of the founder. Some standard things are: change of diet, stall rest, and special trimming or shoeing. Medication may also be required.

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