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Question by  Pitz (29)

How do you train dogs not to bite?

I feel sure I will end up with a lawsuit if I don't fix this.


Answer by  angelsdozens (218)

Dogs bite, but the best thing for it is early and continual socialization. Nervous dogs are more likely to bite unprovoked. For an older dog a muzzle and encouragement works.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

You can train a pup in bite inhibition the same way siblings teach it. Use a high pitched YIPE like the noise pups make if hurt, whenever teeth touch skin. That tells the pup WOW that HURT ME! Then you refuse to play for a minute or less.


Answer by  dogknower (9)

Well if your dog bites really all you have to do is, every time your dog bits something or you just smack them on the nose and say NO BAD DOG, but make sure you tell or show the dog what they did wrong. and if that dont work then just get you dog a mosle and put it on.

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