Question by  thechadv1 (200)

How do you test to determine if tarzanite is real?

I have some that is supposedly real but I am having doubts.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

One of the best way to tell if it is real or not, is to take it to a jeweler. They have a machine that can show the weight.


Answer by  kph0329 (637)

The correct name is Tanzanite. The only way to be sure it is indeed natural Tanzanite is to take it to a certified gemologist to be identified.


Answer by  akaflyer (71)

The best way to test your tanzanite is to purchase a tanzanite filter kit. This kit will contain the tools (tanzanite filter, dichroscope, etc...) and instructions for testing your tanzanite for authenticity.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Most likely you'd have to take it to a jeweler or someone who specializes in gemstones. Keep in mind that untreated or heated gemstones are often a very different color from ones that are treated. Certain stones are often treated to bring out a stronger color. Any good jeweler should be able to tell you what you have.


Answer by  Beri (8)

It is a one kind of alloy mix with the gold, in general company will added with gold on 8-9% for 22K. Accordingly less than 22K they will add the tanzanite with standard proposition. However now a day every gold shop is having carat gold machine through that they will find the quality of gold in percentage wise.

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