Question by  mahbubur23rashid (35)

How do you tell your best friend you are a lesbian?


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

I would think as long as you don't always see her naked, I would just sit down, let her know that you are serious and that you are a lesbian. If she is a good enough friend she will support you and be there. I would make sure you let her know that your not attracted to her.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

If she is your best friend, then you can tell her anything. Feel her out on how she feels about the issue, and take it from there. Hopefully if she is not a lesbian, she will be able to handle your friendship.


Answer by  and1lpfan (356)

I would guess that your best friend possibly knows if they are that close with you. Maybe go to lunch and have a little chat about it.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

It depends on how much of surprise it will be to them, and also, their feelings regardings homosexuality. Regardless though, you should be honest and upfront with your friend. If they are truly a friend, they should respect who you are, and your happiness, because in the end, that is all that matters.


Answer by  Anonymous

Im a lesbian and i need to tell ma mate - and thats NOT gonna work

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