Question by  Bee (14)

How do you save dvd's to your computer?

I need to save dvds to my computer.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

You would have to have DVD ripping software in order to save the contents to your computer. You can easily find some ok ones for free on any internet search site.



If you're using windows xp, when you put dvd on your drive if showing autoplay, click on the openfolder view. Then this dvd opens in a new window -then you select the content which you want. Rightclick select copy option. Go to my computer open drive d: or e: what you have there and select paste option.


Answer by  Ram11 (23)

To Save DVD Files Put The DVD in Your Drive open my computer and explore the Drive then copy the files and paste where you want to save the file.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Open the disk shown in the My computer as DVD drive and copy the required files and paste the files in the required hard disk location


Answer by  ReZoN (94)

Well it's pretty easy, just download imgburn (google it) its a free ISO making program for windows and mac. After installing it just insert the disc into your DVD rom and open imgburn. Click create image file from disc and then click the read icon, agree to all the prompts that follow.


Answer by  mmonshausen (114)

Many DVD are copy-protected and therefore cannot be copied to your computer. In all other cases you have to use programs like CloneDVD to copy the data to your pc


Answer by  ArunVivek (143)

If you have DVD, please install a DVD Ripper(Free Downloadable File) and install it. From then pon you will be able to Save DVD's in your Personal computer

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