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Question by  Dave51 (39)

How do you replace a catalytic converter?

I have a Ford Taurus.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

You jack up your vehicle crawl underneath and depending on the setup of your car un bolt the catalytic converter from the system , undo the exhaust hangers and remove the converter.Then replace with new .restall the clams or hardware loosly till the hanger are bak in place then tighten it up start vehicle and check for leaks.


Answer by  TCSachin (12)

Buy a catalytic converter specific to your car.Remove the 02 sensor before unbolting the catalytic converter. Simply bolt the new part in place. Reattach the exhaust pipes and 02 sensor.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

You need to jack up your car and get under it to see what your setup is. Then unbolt the catalytic converter from the system. After you unhook the exhaust you can remove the converter. Now install the new one and loosly bolt it up, tighten up the exhaust. Once you have the exhaust tightened, tighten up the converter.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

A catalytic converter is replaced pretty much the same as a muffler. Measure the replacement unit and cut the pipe section out. Then slip the new unit on and weld or clamp it in place.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

Well its like replacing the muffler on a car .First take the old one out so the new one will go in to its spot .remove the four bolts that hold it in place remove the convertor .Make sure that the gaskets dont get pinched when you put them back in

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