Question by  marquita (16)

How do you read electric diagrams?

I need some hints.


Answer by  john11 (617)

There are a few basic elements that you need to understand. The elements that look like loops are inductors, the elements that look like triangles are resistors, and the elements that look like two vertical lines are capacitors.Anything that has three wire terminals going to it, is probably a transistor.


Answer by  sparky35 (196)

The first thing to remember about an electrical diagram, especially one showing relays is that everything is shown de-energized, or off. Then start at the beginning and work your way through "applying" power through the circuit mentally. If you come to an open switch etc. close it and vice versa. Take your time and take one thing at a time.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

If you remember in grade school when you learned about circuit connection and they used pictures of light bulbs and batteries to show about circuits the electric diagrams are very similar but more complex. Don't get overwhelmed just look at the diagram and break it into pieces. batteries


Answer by  Sparky101 (366)

Most diagrams include a legend which describes the icons present. There are numerous resources online and at your local library which will help.


Answer by  ensurepune (12)

you need to get aquainted yourself with different electrical symbols first. This is easy to understand and it is available at many online electrical websites. just download those symbols first. then you need to learn about different connections 1. parallel connections 2. series connection. There are different gates i. e. and gate,or gate etc. you need to aquaint yourself with these fundamentals and you will be able to


Answer by  ScooterMike (145)

Tough one, as with any schematic, a legend is absolutely necessary. Electrical schematics typically use the same symbols, but each one may have different representations for color. Patience is key.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Electric diagrams, schematics, are sometimes puzzling due to circuit looping. The easiest way to make heads or tails is to start with the power supply or battery and trace current.


Answer by  EddieT (44)

Start out basic and familiarize yourself with what the symbols mean then as you gain a bit more knowledge start looking at what those components do

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