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Question by  willard (874)

How do you pass a polygraph?

How can you pass even if you are not telling the truth?


Answer by  Atticus (95)

What a polygraph measures is changes in pulse, breathing rate, respiration, and skin conductivity. These are all things that change involuntarily when we become emotional. Theoretically, if you were in an anxious state when establishing initial readings, the polygraph would have a harder time analyzing you.


Answer by  Gerald (102)

To pass a polygraph the simple answer would be to tell the truth and not make false statements or knowingly lie. There are many supposed methods that claim to enable you to pass a lie detector test not telling the truth yet know have been know to be failsafe or proven.


Answer by  DedoMraz (30)

The polygraph is not a lie detector. Understand that you are being interrogated by a human operator, who is not infallible. Control your breathing, stay calm.

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