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Question by  kyle (10)

How do you leash-train a basset hound?


Answer by  katharine (3981)

The same way you leash train any other breed. Start out just putting the leash on the dog and let it hang around the house with it on. This will help the dog get used to the leash. After it's used to it pick up the leash and walk it around with you. Start with short distances.


Answer by  krisp (147)

The best way to leash train a basset is patience and praise. Rather than just dragging the dog, get it's attention and praise it to come to/with you.


Answer by  Susan59 (30)

Since a basset hound tends to have shorter legs than your average dog, and a rather large heft for his size, I believe it would be best to use a harness for training purposes, versus a standard neck collar. This harness would give the trainer more control over the animal without undo stress to the animal due to its size.

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