Question by  nan818 (60)

How do you knit sweater vests?

I know how to knit and I want to make a sweater vest for my husband.


Answer by  Juan86 (6)

There are free knitting patterns available in the internet to knit sweater vests. You can choose either one of those or you can design on your own interest. After taking all the necessary measurements, all you need to consider is following the methodology, Knitting in ribbing pattern, shaping the arm holes and neck and finally correcting the loose ends.


Answer by  vkcopper (358)

Find a pattern or type sweater vest that you feel your husband may wear. Knitting consist of knit and pearl. One can do cable stitch, argole (squares or different colors knit in a pattern) or straight knitting. Takes right type of kneedles; they can be two straight kneedles of varying sizes. They also have round type kneedles for larger sizes.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Knitting a sweater vest is just like knitting most sweaters, the only difference is that you refrain from making and then binding on the sleeves. Most sleeves are made separately so the sweater vest is just stopping earlier.

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