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Question by  sneh (42)

How do you jump start your lawn after the summer?

I would like to prepare my lawn for winter but do not know how.


Answer by  terry94 (71)

I started last fall with fertlizer, a good general one with weed control. I also use Epsom Salts and compost.


Answer by  beck (1099)

There are different fertilizer products for everytime of the year including fall. The fall fertilizer typically is root related, helping the roots grow thick and deep before winter. Most employees in any garden center can point you in the right direction.


Answer by  jon40 (440)

The best thing to do is buy a battery tender to trickle charge your battery. Then buy fuel stabilizer so your fuel does not go bad and put in tank.


Answer by  elecstorm83 (167)

Most lawn mowers have a primer starter. IT is usually a red button either above or to the side of the engine. Push this button. Gasoline is also needed.

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