Question by  cptamazing (18)

How do you install a satellite dish?


Answer by  Newbie (54)

Satellite dishes come with instructions. Follow them. Typically you will have to find a rigidly fixed location with an open view to the southern sky. Mount the bracket securely and then affix the antenna oriented as directed. Reception is improved further through electronic tuning software installed in your receiver module.


Answer by  tgle104231 (27)

Locate the instructions and follow. Make sure you have all the proper tools and follow them exactly. If you have problems, contact the help line.


Answer by  electricguy (62)

Find the direction with the best reception, then firmly mount the dish on your house looking at whatever direction is best. Connect to your tv with a COAX cable


Answer by  Jim88 (103)

You need to know the satellite's path location. Then choose where to mount the dish. Some mount the dish on a house or a tall post.

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