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Question by  john9t1 (25)

How do you go about removing a cylinder head from a 2001 Dodge Intrepid?


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

That is quite the tricky job, You have to remove the head bolts, which are located on the side of this engine, its for lack of better words, in there sideways. Remove the front wheels to access it the best, and use a torque wrench. Ive had nothing but problems with this model.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

Remove the intake manifold, timing cover, timing chain, and spark plugs. Remove the head bolts and lift the head of. It will probably be held on by the gasket sealant.


Answer by  rt (64)

disconnect battery, remove all accessories, hoses, belts and wiring from topside of engine. remove intake and exhaust manifold, remove valve cover, timing belt. remove head bolts from outside in.


Answer by  SimonSaysEw (126)

Once you get everything else out of the way, you need to remove the valve cover. Under that you will see the head bolts that are holding it in place. You make have to loosen the rocker arms, and make sure everything goes back just as it was before you started.


Answer by  Anonymous

same as what is said above, but make sure the rockers and timing chain are put back in same position

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