Question by  ConSue (69)

How do you go about cleaning a salt aquarium?

Mine really needs cleaning but I don't want to do the wrong thing.


Answer by  catlover (28)

Go to a local pet store and look for a saltwater tank filter. They are more expensive than a freshwater filter but they certainly get the job done. You should also search on the internet for reviews on certain brands. There are positives and negatives to each kind, so make sure you do your homework first.


Answer by  Nemo (29)

Try to do a little cleaning of the aquarium every day. Each day, scrub the interior wall with an algae brush. Rather than change out all the water at once, aim to change about 10% of it on a weekly or biweekly basis.


Answer by  rcray (10)

1st turn all filters off, then scrub all glass surfaces. Then using your siphon vacuum remove apprx. 30 percent of the water in the tank be sure to get in the substrate to remove waste material. Next replace with fresh room temperature salt water. Turn filters back on and enjoy.


Answer by  itsme (24)

It depends on what the problem is. If you are having an algae growth problem, then you mainly just need to scrub the algae off of the aquarium with soft brush if it is an acrylic or glass aquarium, dont want to scratch it with something to abrasive.


Answer by  fishlover (20)

Use a piece of felt to clean the glass, this will help keep from scratching the glass. Drain approximately 20% of the water volume. Depending on where you live either buy premixed saltwater that you can add directly to your tank, or mix your own saltwater with salt purchased from a local pet store.


Answer by  aratliff (111)

Keeping the tank clean is very easy. Daily monitor the tank's temperature to make sure it is within normal limits and make sure all living organisms are still living. Once a week you need to do 15%-25% water change. Once a month you should remove all unloving things from the water and clean them thoroughly.

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