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Question by  Gamawire (18)

How do you do bondo aluminum body repair?

I need to do some bondo aluminum body repair.


Answer by  MechaNick (146)

This skill requires experience if you decide to read the instructions on the product you buy,you most deffinetly will have a negative experience. If you decide to do it you will need certain body work tools and carefully read the insructions on cleaning and applying the bondo putty. Please take it to an autobody repair mechanic.


Answer by  elained (44)

sand down damadged area, pull out all dents possible, prep surface with 500 grit sandpaper, mix bodo with hardener, apply generally, let dry, then sand to specs.


Answer by  Dave52 (24)

The first and perhaps most important step is to properly prepare the surrounding surfaces so you get a good bond. The resins and body fillers are available at most autoparts stores and hardware stores. Following the directions on the container, mix a small amount. Practice before applying to your car.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Start by removing any loose paint or oxidation with sandpaper. Work from a lower grit up to about 100 or 200. Try to make the surface as level as possible. Next clean the area with a degreaser. Then mix and apply the bondo. Some brands may recommend a paint primer before application. Then sand and re-apply until smooth and level.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

You must have patients when working with aluminum .It is a tricky metal to work with Very unforgiving .Go slow


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

well first its filler not named brand bondo . and you do it by properly preparing the surface and use material that bond with aluminium.


Answer by  hurricore (66)

First sand to make a good adhering surface. After you have applied bondoas close to the final contour you desire, sand with a very fine grit until you reach the desired contour.

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