Question by  Shawn (23)

How do you disguise stems when flower arranging in a clear vase?

I am attempting to make a flower arrangement.


Answer by  itsmeagain (177)

Fill the sides of the vase with something that coordinates with the colors of the flowers - lemons, limes, leaves, pears, flower petals, colored stones. Get creative!


Answer by  SarahTurk22 (11)

One of the beauties of a clear vase is that you do see the stems of the flowers - think Gerber daisy's or tulips. Three or four visable stems adds visual interest. If you would like to hide the stems place marbles, pretty rocks or other decorative non-perishable items at the bottom of the vase.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

You can crinkle clear plastic wrap into a shape to fit the inside surface of the vase. Use enough to create an opaque look. Another option is to add small pebbles or marbles that will also help hold up the stems.


Answer by  anne (336)

During the summer, I put seashells in the vase to camouflage the stems. Otherwise, you may use colored glass beads, gravel or colored stones, even items like plastic fruits or vegetables.

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