Question by  LucianX (37)

How do you copy text from a protected pdf file?


Answer by  Randy998 (226)

There are programs out there to unprotect the PDF. If you cannot find any that actually will let you grab the text, you could print the PDF, Scan the print job and use the OCR software that comes with your scanner to grab the text


Answer by  pm11 (85)

There are two solutions, the first is install a PDF tool like PDFCreator (http://sourceforge. net/projects/pdfcreator/) and print the PDF protected document to the PDF printer. The result will be a PDF document that allows to copy the text. The second solution is install the freeware A-PDF Text Extractor tool , it allows to extract easily text from Adobe PDF files.


Answer by  wwwilly (128)

There are a few ways to do this, but it really depends on how the file was protected. The simplest way is to print and rescan it in using OCR software. You can also print to a file and use that. Some protection disables this, then you're out of luck.


Answer by  dtalk (428)

you can't there is no way to copy text from a pdf file, it becomes a image, the text does not exist.

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