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Question by  Blag (40)

How do you clean a dog crate?

My dog crate smells really bad, I would like to clean it but do not want to use anything that will harm my dogs.


Answer by  Anonymous

I use Quick n Brite because it is 100% eco-safe with no fumes or chemicals . I hose out my dog crate then apply the Quick n Brite full strength using a bristle scrub brush and let it sit for 10-15 min and hose it out!


Answer by  beck (1099)

Cleaning the dog crate with a warm vinegar solution will get rid of odors and the dirt and grime. Mix the white vinegar as directed on the bottle in a bucket of warm water, use a soft cloth to clean and let your crate air dry.


Answer by  branannacait (13)

Use a mixture of 1/2 white vinegar & 1/2 warm water to clean the area. With a clean cloth throughly soak the area with the vinegar / water mixture. Let the mixture sit for about an hour. Then go back and dry with a towel. It should take care of the smell and be non toxic to your pet.

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