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Question by  penelope1616 (58)

How do you calculate kilowatts used per hour for a light bulb?


Answer by  paparonnie814 (11)

Determine the power rating of the bulb in watts,multiply the wattage with 1000 then divide the product with the number of hours the bulb is used.


Answer by  worker7961 (9)

To calculate how many kilowatts being used by a light bulb, just multiply the number of amps of the device with the number of volts. For example, if you have a 10-amp bulb (10 amps X 120 volts) then its running at 1200 watts equal to 1. 2 kilowatts


Answer by  egagdesigns (24)

Light bulbs should have a wattage rating associated with them. To calculate the kilowatts per hour you take the wattage rating and divide it by 1000 showing how many kilowatts it will use in one hour. Example: I have a 60 watt light bulb, 60/1000 =. 06 Kilowatts/hr


Answer by  savhomer (18)

Take the wattage of the bulb and multiply it by how many hours you leave the bulb on. Then take that umber and divide the total by 1000. example 100watt bulb X 20hours = 2000w:h / by 1000 =2k:w:h


Answer by  lwetzel2003 (37)

A 60 watt light bulb uses 60 watts an hour. kilo means 1000 so you devide by 1000. or. 06 kilowatts. Then you multiply it by the number of hours that it is on. Ex. 24 hours times 30 days times. 06 kilowatts = 43. 2 kilowatts.

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