Question by  dannyleachlivecom20 (16)

How do you build upper body strength?


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Doing more upper body exercises will help, things like push ups or chin ups. If you're unable to do either, try lifting some light dumbbells.


Answer by  Bill777 (65)

You can build upper body strength without equipment by doing pushups and sit-ups. Or you can do bench-press, pull-downs, curls and tricep-extensions with weights and/or machines. Ultimately, the weights will make you stronger, though, as body-weight exercises are limited to how little leverage you can give yourself.


Answer by  Imsorrymamajama (14)

The way I build upper body strength is usually by doing an incline bench. You'll usually find one at a local gym or a weight class in high school or college. Military press and Incline presses are my favorite for working my upper body strength, and if you don't mind me saying. Making love.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Upper body strength can be developed either by performing body weight excercises such as push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, and dips or with resistance training exercises that utilize machines and weights.


Answer by  nerd56 (128)

To build upper body strength or any type of muscle you will need to lift weights and pending on which part of your upper body you want to work out there are many different moves. Try doing push-ups,and pull ups to start. Remember to work out your abs/core and back as well!


Answer by  MS83 (5)

Using free weights e.g. Barbell or Dumbells is inexpensive. They allow you to easily perform a variety of exercises Extra weights can also be bought as you develop.


Answer by  JamesPearce (117)

You can do push ups, sit ups, pull ups and many more exercises. There is too many to list here.

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