Question by  Enigma (33)

How do I troubleshoot a malfunctioning smoke detector?

I have a Firex 5000.


Answer by  worker5563 (13)

Your best bet on a smoke detector is buying a new one. Honestly they are not too expensive (around $12. 50" and will only save your life if they work. If the unit is wired according to instructions and still won't function contact Firex for service.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Check the smoke detectors in your ceiling for Dusts or bugs are not causing malfunctioning. Check all wires are attached securely. Check whether battery is fitted properly and securely to detector.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

In smoke detector the green light indicator will burn when we switch on the detector. Once it sense the smell of smoke automatically it will indicate. when finding the malfunctioning we can find the light burning and find out the details. if any problem is found further the detector will be serviced by the manufacturer since it is under warranty.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

First make sure electricity is getting to the alarm, if that isn't the case then check it with its battery backup. If you still get nothing then I wouldn't troubleshoot a smoke detector, safter to buy a new one.

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