Question by  rbaugher (39)

How do I train a foal?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

The first rule is slow, steady, kind and quiet. Start by familiarization to you, and a halter, then leading on a leadline. Graduate to lungeline training and commands, and slowly progress to a blanket and bridle with a hackamore or a snaffle bit, a light saddle WITHOUT a person in it. Work with that and go on from there.


Answer by  Chrissy (16)

First thing you want to do is handle the foal as much as possible. Ater that work on ground manners and voice commands.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

It requires patience, consistency and tenacity. Try working with the mare and foal at the same time. They communicate in very transparent ways. Bond with the foal just like it would with its mother. Halter training should be first. This will help them overcome there fears.


Answer by  Esteme (274)

Start slowly: get her used to putting and having on a halter. Next, teach her to lead and tie with a lead rope. Be near her, play with her ears, and cur her down repeatedly. Then, when she's over a year, start with blanket, saddle, bridle and so forth for riding.

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