Question by  trouble (66)

How do I tell if it is it ick or parasites in a fish tank?


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

Check for parasites in your fish tank that are visible. These could be worms or leeches, visible on your fish. If your fish has white small (pinhead-size) spots on its' body, this could be Ick. The fins are often folded back, and your fish's eyes will look cloudy. This could possibly be Ick versus a parasite.


Answer by  Daniel721 (12)

Parasites can be seen on the fishes body and can be removed by hand. Symptoms of ick are white dots on the skin, gills or fins. The fish may also stop eating and the fins will be folded back and the eyes a cloudy color.


Answer by  daphnia (20)

When a fish has a parasite its behavior and appearance will change. The fish will often become lethargic, lose weight, begin resting on the bottom of the tank, and start rubbing against the rocks. This is usually combined sores or splotches on the fish's skin. Small white splotches usually indicate ick, while others color splotches indicate other types of infections.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

This can be determine by looking for white spots at the fins of the fishes. Moreover, fishes with ick tend to rub their bodies as these parasites causes itchiness.


Answer by  dinoantony (45)

If fish tank contain parasites or ick ,the fish will scratch the body in the stones or sand in the aquarium.


Answer by  Melissa76 (282)

Always keep a close eye on the fish, they can tell you alot. Are they eating, are they swimming fine? If you have fish rubbing against the sand or rocks than it is a good sign of ick. Or if there is white spots on the fin or tail also a sign of ick.

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