Question by  martha2 (31)

How do I replace a two-prong outlet?


Answer by  wmwitt (71)

A two-prong outlet is one without a ground. Unless there is a ground wire in the outlet box: this means that a ground wire has been run along with the conductors. If no ground wire, it is required to replace the wiring to include a grounded conductor. This is commonly referred to as 14-2, or 12-2 (etc. ) "with ground".


Answer by  loveulouis (176)

You must first shut power off at main breaker box, then with a flat head screw driver remove outlet cover. there will be two more screws holding the socket in place. remove them, then pull socket out there will be a wires on eadh side unscrew them and put on the same side of outlet reassemble and your finished


Answer by  kencorley (61)

Turn off power to the outlet. remove from outlet box remove wiring from screws and replace recept. Make sure the nuetral is on the correct side of the receptacle. silver screw "neutral" Black or copper screw "black" If replacing two wire with three wire type. Ground two wire system.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

You can replace it with a three prong, but you will have to either ground it to the box or run a ground to it.


Answer by  kish2554 (33)

First, discharge the outlet by unscrewing the fuse or switching off the corresponding breaker. Then, remove the wall plate by unscrewing the center screw. Next, unscrew the outlet from the box and pull it carefully out. Unscrew the connection screws on the sides to release the wires. Reverse to reinstall.

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